Brand Identity

Creative, Elegant Graphic Design from an Experienced Hong Kong Firm

Give your company a make-over to increase interest and drive sales. Refresh a tired or out-dated image with brand and logo design services from a talented Hong Kong team of graphic designers.

At Harbour Studios, we go much deeper than a new coat of paint for your business – we take the time to understand the philosophy behind your current branding and the image you want to project. We’ll closely study what worked in your previous branding efforts and what gave you traction, and work cooperatively with you to create an identity that’s relevant to your business’ culture, your customer’s interests and the surrounding industry.

Help your message cut through with high quality branding and logo design

Ensuring that you have a consistent messaging, design language, and tone across all of you outward marketing and promotional materials is crucial to helping customers understand who you are. If you’ve figured out what’s important to your business and important to your customers, it’s critical that you capitalise on that.

Customers judge a company by their logo design and promotional material; if it’s sloppy, disorganised or sending mixed messages, you’ll struggle to overcome that first impression in future dealings. Make your brand desirable from the first glance with help from Harbour Studios.

Turn heads and drive sales with help from our graphic designers

Our talents go much further than brilliant company logos. We’ve helped companies develop branded apparel, magazine and print advertising, packaging and even animation and video. Our clients include every kind of organisation from charities to multinational accounting firms to sports teams, and with experience around the world we are well-equipped to serve any business in any industry.

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Learn more about how Harbour Studios could help improve your position in the market with smart, innovative branding solutions. If you’d like to learn more about our company or our range of services, don’t hesitate to get in touch today by sending a message to our team via email to [email protected] or through our contact form. You can also call our studio directly on (852) 6124 9245.