What’s New in WordPress 4.7?

WordPress keeps changing constantly and often, for the better. The latest version is called WordPress 4.7. Let’s see what it has to offer:

  1. Default theme. For 2017, the default theme is brand new. This “TWENTY SEVENTEEN” theme can of course be customised. You can use custom colours, social menus, various widgets, and different navigation styles. This ability to customize the default theme won’t go away for sure, because who wants their site to look like all the other WordPress sites?
  1. Customisation procedure. The way you go about customising the theme is different too. Now you get some placeholder content when you’re trying to customize. This means you can try to organize the content in various ways without making any real changes to the site right away. So let’s say you’re in customisation mode. To the left, you’ll then see several editing shortcuts. These will tell you what’s available for speedy editing. Click on one of those shortcuts, and you can start your editing right away.
  1. Video headers. Instead of just your regular header image, videos can now be used as header media. All you need to do is to link to your video on YouTube. You can also just upload your video, as long as it’s in MP4 format.
  2. New instant pages ready for content. Often you already have an idea of how your website layout should look like, even when you don’t have any actual content yet for the site. But with WP’s newest version, you can make new pages while you’re making your navigation menus. These new pages will then be ready to receive your content. That means you don’t have to wait for your actual content before you can design your web pages.
  1. Live preview for custom CSS. In previous WordPress versions, have to keep refreshing your pages when you put in custom CSS so you know what the new changes will look like. This time, you get a live preview, so it’s much more convenient to see the effects of the changes before you make them permanent. Using CSS for your website offers several benefits. First, you can ensure a consistent style throughout your site and search engines can easily read its content. Using CSS can save you a lot of time because you’re able to make changes to all your web pages automatically. With the live preview, you get to save even more time.
  1. PDF thumbnail previews. So now, you have that thumbnail convenience for your PDF files. They’ll look like your videos and images in your media library.
  2. New languages for site admin area. Many websites these days don’t have a team from a single culture. Diversity is a trend that must be factored in because nowadays it’s so easy for people from different parts of the world to collaborate. So if different languages are preferred, these languages can be added as well.